Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The following images show examples of the 2 sets of charms that Teresa sent in for the 42 for 40 swap. Each charm is nested in it's own fabric pouch and tucked inside of a small coin envelope which she hand stamped.
The hand made fabric drawstring pouches/"Yo-Yos" are made from vintage cloth, and tied with a simple string. Teresa designed the first charm, using antique sterling forks, which she cut, then added a tiny glass bead with wire at the top.

Next, Teresa made a set of dramatic glass fused charms. The black glass is topped with dichroic glass bits. The glass was fused with metal wire inside of it, forming the loop from which the jumpring is attached. These are also nested within a hand made Yo-Yo drawstring style pouch and tucked within a stamped coin envelope.

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