Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What have you made with YOUR return charms?
Gillian has started a page on her website for us to share what we have made.

Right now, I am designing a demi parure using the charms that I have gotten in return from the charm swaps. I am not going to be done with it for another few weeks, but it is looking quite lovely!

Please share with us what you have been making so we can post it!


Heather said...

what is a demi parure?? I haven't made anything yet but hope to make a cool bracelet after my class at artfest!!

Jan Myers said...

I seperated all the charms I rec'd from I.C.E. and another swap and made 4 bracelets to give to family and friends, I purchased a handmade chain made in Tibet. I decorated a box, and made ATC's and typed out a story of how the charm bracelet came to be swapping with so many wonderful artists and about Amber being the hostess. Everyone loved there gifts. Of course I keep one for myself.