Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you belong to the I.C.E.? Do you have a video you would like to share?

I think that we could have a lot of fun, posting videos of our charms, work spaces, ourselves and doing tutorials.

To start this off, here is member of the I.C.E. group, Regina Rose from New York, NY. USA!

CLICK HERE to see!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Did you hear about the think pink charms exchange yet?
Read here for more details and sign up info-

Sunday, April 20, 2008

~* 17 NEW SWAPS !*~

There are no sign up deadlines, but the rules of the group are a little strict when it comes to handing in work that is sturdy, well made, and does not include organic materials (we are an international group and the mailing of organics from one country to another can cause customs to get cranky...)

The charms must not smell like fumes either.

If you would like to join in, let me know.

The quality of work expected is above average and artistic design quality is required.
These are the current themes- Swap dates will be later this fall.

1. Art Nouveau 6 for 6 pieces 1 inch or less

2. Art Deco 6 for 6 pieces 1 inch or less

3. Glitzy-Bling Bling-Rhinestones Galore 6 for 6 pieces 1 inch or

4. Tea for 2 or Two for tea! Tea themed charms. 6 for 6 pieces 1 inch
or less

5. Jingle Jangle Bells & Chimes. Charms that tinkle, jingle, and ring
when moved. 6 for 6 pieces 1 inch or less

6. Chic Junque Shop Boutique. Turn something that was once nothing,
into something FABULOUS! Must be willing to deck it out! This is
upcycling x10. Pimping out the plain! 6 for 6 pieces 1 1/2 inch or

7. A BEVY OF BEADED BEAUTIES! Stitched beaded sculpture, or encased
for 6 pieces 1 inch or less

8. A grand voyage charm swap. Create 10 for 10 charms due before July
21st. The theme is travel and a grand voyage. Be neat and creative!
Remember to check the files section to review materials that should
not be used. Charms need to be no larger than 1 and 1 fourth of an
inch. Make them sturdy and artistic.

9. MINIATURE book charms 6 for 6 with 10 or more pages No larger than
1 inch. BE CREATIVE and neat!
Create 6 beautiful and neat sturdy (enough to wear) book charms with
no less than 10 pages. Please make sure that the findings add no more
than 1/2 inch to the piece.

10. Fabulous florals. Charms made with florals as the focal point.
Nothing gaudy, just lovely and flowery.
10 for 10 please keep them smaller than 1 and 1/4 inch large. DUE
before July 21st. NO ORGANICS, be creative, artistic and neat.

11. Wire Nests. A charm set of nests and bird homes made of wire. Can
include what might lay within a nest, such as an egg, a little bird,
or a family.
Remember no organics (feathers or straw) Due before July 21st. Make 6
for 6. BE NEAT please, making sure that the wire is tight and will
not snag or scratch the skin when worn. Size should be less than one
inch WITH the findings.

12. Victorian. Simply put, lovely Victorian inspired pieces. Soft
colors, lovely images and a whole lot of fun.
Due before July 21st -Make 10 for 10 pieces no larger than 1 and 1/4
inches with the findings. Be artistic, creative and neat please.

13. Fabric and fibers free for all! 5 for 5 pieces Using images
transferred to fabric, or fabric that has been artistically decorated
you create a tiny work of BEAUTY. There must be a pretty or beautiful
image used on this piece in some way.
Sizes should be LESS than 1 and 1/4th inches in all directions.

14. Meet me at the Met-Masters of ART (Incorporate work by the OLD
master's of days long gone by!)
pieces must not be larger than 1 and 1/4 inches big. 6 for 6 pieces

15. Alice in Wonderland 10 for 10 pieces
Can be made from ANY media that is permitted in this group. This
means that you MAY use fabric, AND you can create a mini book charm
for this swap! No larger than 1 and 1/2 inches with findings please.

16. Charming Times --- Charms made with watch parts and gears as a
focal point. 10 for 10 pieces
Charms must be safe to wear. Please be sure to keep the charms less
than 1 inch each piece. Be ARTISTIC

17. Black and white divas. 10 for 10 Charms made using only black and
white tones depicting famous divas. (Famous men divas are OK too!)
Be sure to keep them black and white! NO COLOR and the findings MUST
be black, white or silver ONLY. Size should be no larger than 1 1/4
inches large

Have fun!
Amber Dawn

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bracelet made with charms from the May Art charm exchange.

Charm artists from left to right- Rashell, Judy, Sheela, Mary J., Pegy, Sharie, Jan B., Tricia, Cathie, Connie, Ellen, Jan B.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Denice O'Herons *Tiny* Faerie Book Charm. From the ICE Mini Book Charm swap.

This book is very small and beautiful in person.
An amazing example of how cute and full of color a
little book charm can be! Denice did a wonderful job
getting the pages to line up evenly and lay flat!
This book is very sturdy, and well put together.
Thank you Denice for joining in!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Now THAT is ART! Charms by Connie Williams

The ICE group is about handmade ART charms. Take a look at the submission Connie in Hawaii has created for the May ICE (International Charms Exchange). She has designed 2 different sets of 21. For a total of 42 AWESOME ART charms!

There is STILL time to sign up for the swap due on May 31st. All submissions must be approved. It is a light juried swap. All design levels are welcome. All that we ask, is that your work is *neat*, safe, sturdy, non toxic, ARTISTIC, and innovative. It is appreciated when the artist also takes the time to create a fun presentation for their work! This swap is based on quality. Please only join, if you like taking your time, and care about what you make.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What have you made with YOUR return charms?

Gillian has started a page on her website for us to share what we have made.

Right now, I am designing a demi parure using the charms that I have gotten in return from the charm swaps. I am not going to be done with it for another few weeks, but it is looking quite lovely!

Please share with us what you have been making so we can post it!